Fort Langley Air, Ltd

Estimates are in Canadian dollars and do not include GST. Float rating estimates are based on Transport Canada minimum requirements—individual students may require additional dual training time before approval for solo flight. Minimum requirements and checkout apply for solo rental.

Pacific Seaplanes

We excel at producing skilled pilots and preparing applicants for life in commercial seaplane flying. Our south coast BC Canada location offers near year-round flying. Please see our website for further prerequisite licensing and training details. Reasonably priced accommodations available nearby. ME Sea Rates exclude fuel. NEW in 2021: Introduction of our DHC-6 Twin Otter […]

Air-Hart Aviation

Offering private pilot licensing, commercial pilot licensing and instructor ratings on floats as well as foreign conversions. Training is by active air-taxi pilots. Students get actual solo hours. Price shown is all inclusive with no fuel surcharge.

Ocean Air Floatplanes

Professional training taught by active air-taxi pilots working the coast—learn from experience. All prices in Canadian dollars.