Invasive Species

As enthusiastic users of our nation’s lakes and rivers, seaplane pilots are strong advocates for the protection of those waterways — protection from policies and regulations that would restrict access by trained and responsible users, and protection from predatory and destructive invaders of our waterways. The Seaplane Pilots Association recognizes the very serious threat that invasive species pose to the health of our lakes and rivers, and is committed to a proactive approach to protecting waterways from the introduction and spread of unwanted and harmful marine plants and animals.

While there are many reasons why seaplanes do not represent a significant risk of contributing to the proliferation of invasive species, our members and our association are aggressively working to reduce the potential, no matter how small, for seaplanes to be part of the problem.

SPA conducts seminars across the country to familiarize pilots with invasive species and introduce them to specific methods for preventing the carriage of invasive hitchhikers from one body of water to another. Also, with the help of our friends and partners including the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Pacific State Marine Fisheries, the Washington Seaplane Pilots Association and many others we have produced videos and test programs such as the ones below. These programs further educate our pilot/members on the best ways to prevent the spread of invasive species. By employing these proven methods, seaplane pilots and owners are able to self-certify that their aircraft are free and clean of nuisance aquatic organisms. 

Please Note

It is important that all seaplane pilots watch this video and take the test! It is vital to our efforts to preserve seaplane access to waterways across the country!

Watch the Invasive Species training video by clicking on the image above and then you can take the test – after passing the test you will be able to print out your invasive species education certificate to carry with you as proof that you have participated in our invasive species education program and passed the test.

This is serious folks… Twenty one states now have laws on the books regarding the transportation of invasive species, require inspections and/or decontaminations.