Pilot Resources

Water Landing Directory

The Water Landing Directory is a unique and comprehensive flight planning tool for seaplane pilots that is an exclusive member benefit of the Seaplane Pilots Association. The mobile device app lists bodies of water by state, and provides useful information for each listing including waterway status—whether Open, Closed, Open with Restrictions or Not Recommended. The app also notes if a body of water is known to be infected with aquatic invasive species, and provides guidance for pilots in the event special invasive species mitigation procedures are in effect. Fuel availability, seaplane friendly destinations, seaplane flight training locations and seaplane events are just a few more of the Water Landing Directory’s useful features.

Access to State & Regional Seaplane Briefing Pages

Another useful resource is SPA’s state and regional seaplane community briefing pages. These pages provide details about active state and regional seaplane communities. Popular events, seaplane destinations, opportunities for and/or restrictions on seaplane activities that exist and contact information for our area Field Directors all can be found on these pages.

Visit our interactive map tool to learn more about individual states and regions.

Field Director Network

The SPA Field Director network gives members access to a corps of designated seaplane pilots, all of whom are active volunteers assisting SPA’s advocacy efforts, and who provide members with information about seaplane operations on specific bodies of water and activities in the states and regions they represent.

Seaplane Flight School Directory

Whether you are looking for initial seaplane pilot training, training in a specific type of seaplane, advanced seaplane piloting techniques, an FAA Flight Review in a seaplane or even seeking a Multiengine Sea rating, the Seaplane Flight School Directory is the definitive guide for locating qualified instructors and schools. You can search by state, aircraft type or type of training desired.

Seaplane Insurance Guidance

Seaplane insurance is a specialized subset of aviation insurance with specific, unique requirements and conditions. Thus, it’s valuable for SPA members to be able to turn to a staff that is knowledgeable about the latest trends in the industry. Staff also works with our partner, Falcon Insurance, to get members the best coverage and rates possible.

Visit our seaplane insurance page and learn more in regards to seaplane insurance.

Seaplane Finance Information

SPA has partnered with Air Fleet Capital to assist our members in obtaining financing for seaplane purchases. Over the years Air Fleet Capital has proven to offer a streamlined process and great customer service when assisting our members with seaplane financing solutions.

Downloadable Documents
and so much more

SPA has a collection of downloadable documents ranging from seaplane base application forms, manuals on how to establish a seaplane base, seaplane compatibility, invasive species training, podcasts, videos and digital workshops to a catalogue of Water Flying magazines dating back to the founding of the association in 1972.