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Volunteers are key to non-profit advocacy organizations like the Seaplane Pilots Assoication. Through passionately giving time and energy volunteers magnify our ability to protect and promote the water flying community.

Volunteering with the Seaplane Pilots Association is a deeply rewarding experience, and allows you to put your passion for seaplanes into action while developing friendships with other motivated seaplane pilots and fans.

Florida Field Director Dave Hensch organizes seaplane gatherings at a different destination each month. 

Volunteers are fundamental to achieving the Seaplane Pilots Associations advocacy goal of protecting and promoting the water flying community. Volunteers can give their time and energy to the Seaplane Pilots Association in a variety of ways ranging from staffing the SPA booth at aviation events such as EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh, to helping with fundraising efforts.

What is a Seaplane Pilots Association Lake Liaison?

A Lake Liaison is a seaplane pilot that lives on and/or operates a seaplane on a particular body of water on a very regular basis. These Lake Liaisons
report to and work with their state Field Director team leader to help SPA maintain an active presence and situational awareness of a lake or stretch
of waterway. 

As a Lake Liaison members will become an active member of the SPA advocacy team and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to providing the information needed to help maintain an active and healthy water flying community.

What are there duties and responsibilities?

A Lake Liaison is responsible for the following:

Advising SPA of any community issues that may affect seaplane access such as noise complaints and attempts to restrict or close water access to seaplanes.

Providing current updates regarding operating conditions regarding the waterway that should be noted in the Water Landing Directory, such as, areas to avoid either for safety or noise abatement, water levels, obstructions, docking, beaching, ramping and facility information, fuel availability, events and restrictions.

Lake Liaison’s will be the publicly listed “point of contact” for SPA members to reach out to for information regarding the body of water, and must be responsive to phone and email inquiries from members.

What is a Seaplane Pilots Association Field Director?

The Seaplane Pilots Association desires to maintain a team of Field Directors in every state in the United States as well as areas around the world where seaplanes operate. These Field Directors are the heavy lifting arm of our volunteer advocacy team. They ensure that SPA maintains a strong presence in their seaplane community and—very important—they help address advocacy issues in their regions.

Field Directors essentially are the eyes and ears that help SPA maintain situational awareness in a given geographic region.

SPA Field Director Job Description

Field Director duties vary widely depending on individual skill sets as well as factors in the regions they represent. In general, they develop and maintain open communications with local and regional governments and agencies that control area waterways. They also are in regular touch with seaplane pilots and operators in their region, with the area media, and with the general public.

Field Directors assist in maintaining the completeness and accuracy of listings in the Water Landing Directory for their region.

They are the first responders to local and regional advocacy issues, and they conduct public outreach and develop community relationships in their respective regions.

Field Directors conduct seaplane-related workshops and safety seminars in their region.

They represent SPA and the seaplane community at aviation events and other relevant public events in their region, such as appropriate government and agency meetings.

Field Directors work with other Field Directors and Lake Liaisons to advance SPA’s advocacy goals and outreach objectives.


Volunteers can choose to give their time and energy to work a single event or project or be involved on a regular basis. Our experience has been that most volunteers enjoy regular involvement and by doing so their generous gift of time and energy has maximum impact on helping us achieve our goals for the seaplane community.

Properly qualified and experienced members, can volunteer to conduct safety seminars and workshops

Assisting with research on methods for controlling aquatic invasive species and invasive species related advocacy efforts

Organizing and implementing public outreach and goodwill programs. Such a Seaplane Santa and toy drives, first seaplane flight programs, beach/lake clean ups etc…

Working the SPA booth at events and trade shows

Fundraising efforts ranging from organizing mailings to working directly with donors.
Various in office work, as well as, projects such as building interactive educational devices.