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The Seaplane Pilots Association and our partner organization, the Seaplane Foundation, are committed to providing continuing education programs that encourage and enhance safe operations within the seaplane community. We encourage you to explore and expand your seaplane knowledge with the educational videos, testing and resources located within our site.

In addition to the online training provided here, SPA includes regular training and education content in our flagship magazine, Water Flying, via in-person safety seminars and workshops at major aviation events around the country and through our popular podcast series, “Water Flying.”


Safe Amphibious Gear Operations

We invite seaplane pilots, especially owners or operators of amphibious seaplanes, to watch this video and take the test that follows to help you understand the factors that can lead to a gear-down water landing, and proven methods to avoid those factors. The video and test were developed by the Seaplane Foundation with the cooperation of numerous float manufactures and seaplane instructors. We recommend you view the video and take the test annually to stay sharp on gear-down water landing avoidance procedures.

Watch the video and take the short 10 question test by clicking the button below.

4105S air to air copy

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More Information

For more information on “Amphibious Gear Best Management Practices” we have provided some additional guidance with both what we feel is the minimum guidance and sample mnemonics checklists below.

Amphibious Gear Management Best Practices

Sample Mnemonics Checklist