Water Flying guide for Writers and Photographers

Water Flying is the official publication of the Seaplane Pilots Association.

Water Flying content is largely based on contributor articles and photographs. We’ve long relied on our members to suggest and submit articles and photos on seaplanes and floats, water flying piloting techniques, safety, seaplane sojourns and destinations, splash-ins and events, and news.

The full-color, 48-page magazine is published six times a year and distributed internationally to members. A separate special issue, the Seaplane Training Directory, is published every spring. SPA members receive both the print and online digital versions of each issue.

Water Flying and the Seaplane Training Directory also are distributed free of charge to participants at Sun ‘n Fun, EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh and other major aviation shows and events.


Magazine features run about 1200-1500 words; departments (CFI-SEA, Water Flyers, etc.) are shorter—about 750-1,000 words. Features and departments should be accompanied by high-quality digital color photographs. The photo file-size must be large enough for print publication, which means 300 dpi/ppi with a minimum dimension of 4 X 5 inches; larger dimensions are preferred.

The same photo file size requirements hold for photo submissions only. Please include a good description of the photo—who shot the photo and where, type of seaplane and floats, etc. We’re especially interested in good photos to use for “Snapshots”—the last page in the magazine, which is dedicated to members’ great photos of their seaplanes.

Please send articles in MS Word or Mac Pages format. Do not embed photos in the document—send photos separately as jpeg, tiff or PDF files.

Finally, it is best to query the editor about an article idea before going to the trouble of writing it. If it’s a go, don’t worry about sending a perfectly crafted piece of literature. We are interested in what you have to say, not so much in how you say it. The editor’s job is to help turn your insightful observations into a good read.

So, let’s hear from you

Email editor@seaplanes.org with your ideas and/or photos.