Who Joins?

Who joins the Seaplane Pilots Association?

Recreational seaplane pilots, owners and operators

Seaplane flight schools and instructors

Commercial seaplane pilots and seaplane services

Manufacturers and providers of seaplane products and services

Fans of seaplanes who want to know more about the wonderful world of water flying

Resource management, enforcement agencies and environmental protection pilots

Why Join?

The Seaplane Pilots Association is the world advocate for water flying. Since 1972 we have been protecting and promoting seaplane pilots and the water flying community. 

Advocacy is our primary focus, and every member counts toward successful advocacy. The more seaplane pilots, owners and operators we represent the more influence we command with decision-makers on local, state and federal issues regarding seaplane access.

Member Benefits

Membership Options

Annual Individual Membership

Our standard level, providing individuals with all association benefits. Membership is the primary basis for SPA’s voice and strength in protecting and promoting the seaplane community.


Annually for U.S. residents

Family Membership

Each family member can join and enjoy all association benefits. (The family household receives one copy of Water Flying per issue.)


for each family member

International Membership

For those living outside the United States who want to be a part of the world’s only association solely dedicated to seaplane advocacy, education and enjoyment. Includes subscription to Water Flying magazine.



Lifetime Memberships

These allow passionate members to make a one-time membership purchase for an individual and family members. Lifetime Memberships reduce the cost of SPA’s recurring member-renewal programs while significantly contributing to SPA’s financial health in perpetuity. Becoming an SPA Lifetime Member demonstrates an investment in SPA’s mission and a long-term commitment to the health of the water-flying community.


individual Lifetime Membership


for each family member

As a Lifetime Member you will enjoy: