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September/October 2021
Water Flying

Cover Story: The Wow! Factor

Sometimes a pilot has to dig into a bag of tricks–lift a float, pop some flaps–to encourage the seaplane into getting airborne. With the Carbon Cub SS a pilot can easily lose count shortly after pushing the throttle to full and barely moving the stick forward, as it leaves the water behind in a flash.

Seaplane Flying: A Family Affair

Now that I have a SES rating on my Commercial certificate, I can take myself, my husband, and my kids out into the wilderness around me like never before. This rating has completely unlocked our family time and I can’t wait for the snow to melt, the lakes to thaw and to get current on the water.

The Unfortunate Fate of Fokker CF-AUV

After one aborted attempt to take off from McDames Lake in British Columbia, Canada, the pilot of the big Fokker F-11AHB tried again. Moments later, the spectators heard snapping conifer branches and muffled tin-canning. The elegant Fokker would never fly again.

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