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March/April 2021
Water Flying


What’s it like to fly the ICON A5? First impression: It flies beautifully. No surprises. Just sure, confident, safe handling. The A5 is a very well-designed aircraft. So says Water Flying editor Mark Twombly, who went through ICON’s factory administered transition training program. But there’s more to the A5 story. ICON has put together a most impressive collection of A5 pilot aids including comprehensive academic manuals, an extensive checklist, an intuitive angle-of-attack indicator, and a number of built-in stall/spin avoidance features. It all adds up to a ground-breaking Light Sport Aircraft.


The Noorduyn Norseman approaches legendary status among Canadian bush pilots, and many Canadians as well. Designed specifically for wilderness flying, some 903 radial-powered Norsemans were built between the first flight of the prototype in 1935 and the end of production in 1959. Some years ago Robert Grant was introduced to the challenges and rewards of flying the “Nore-Dyne,” as bush pilots called the wood-wing wonder, and in his feature story he remembers that time fondly.


Federal Aviation Regulations do not provide much specific guidance for pilots flying seaplanes. That has led to some uncertainty about how to log seaplane-specific flight time, whether in a flying boat or a straight-float or amphibious seaplane. As in most things aviation, the answers are driven partly by regulation, partly by insurance, and partly by common sense.

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