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July/August 2022
Water Flying

Cover Story: Good Samaritans

Samaritan Aviation uses Cessna 206 amphibs to provide essential medical support to remote villages in the East Sepak province of Papua New Guinea. It’s hard work for the pilots and their families who volunteer for the mission—hazardous flying conditions, handling a variety of tasks, and providing emotional support for hospitalized villagers, among many other duties—but it is a life’s calling.

Flying In Miserable Paradise

Southeast Alaska has been described as a miserable paradise; it can be so beautiful and at the same time so uncomfortable. On clear days, 15,318-foot Mount Fairweather can be seen towering above the landscape from 100 miles away, but on a typically rainy day, visibility may be only 100 yards in fog and mist. You have to be comfortable flying in weather that might make a pilot from the lower 48 stay home.

Best Amphib Practices

The Seaplane Pilots Association, in cooperation with the Seaplane Foundation, recently launched the Seaplane Safety Program to provide a range of new education resources for the seaplane pilot community. The first effort focuses on the number one safety issue involving amphibious seaplanes: landing on the water with the landing gear extended.

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