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November/December 2023
Water Flying


Cover Story: Yellow Peril

As a young pilot , when Addison Pemberton ferried a Navy N3N and subsequently instructed in them, he found the old bird could outclimb a Cessna 185 (although much slower), was docile on the runway  and stable in the air, and he appreciated that the four ailerons and the big rudder made crosswind landings easier than in the Stearman. Someday, he’d have to own an N3N for himself.


Training The Canadian Way

To most newcomers in Canada, bush country north of the languid Ottawa River resembles an alien world, yet some soon discover the pristine landscapes and lakes are prime seaplane country. Select’s “enthusiast” and commercial seaplane training programs help them achieve that vision.


End-Of-Season Spash-Ins

The seaplane flying season ends in a flurry of activity each September, and this year was no exception.
Successful splash-ins were held at Clear Lake, California; Hammondsport, New York; Angola, Indiana; and the granddaddy of them all, Greenville, Maine. Weather and crowds cooperated at each one.

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