Pacific Seaplanes

Pacific Seaplanes All Seaplane Airline PO Box 3, STN Cedar, Nanaimo, BC Canada V9X1W1

We excel at producing skilled pilots and preparing applicants for life in commercial seaplane flying. Our south coast BC Canada location offers near year-round flying. Please see our website for further prerequisite licensing and training details. Reasonably priced accommodations available nearby. ME Sea Rates exclude fuel. NEW in 2021: Introduction of our DHC-6 Twin Otter Seaplane. First in the world to offer DHC-6 Captain or First Officer Initial and Recurrent training, or from no seaplane time through our various courses leading to Command Seat on Twin Otters. Our PA23 Nomad Seaplane roll out in 2021 available for ME Seaplane training in addition to Beechcraft and DeHavilland Twin Otter. FAA Pilots can train here and get FAA ME/SEA check-ride within USA when borders open. Ask us for more details. ICON A5 IAFI (Factory Authorized Instructor) on staff for training operations in Canada. Call for details. Show your SPA Membership Card and get $100 off initial training.

Course Rates Hours Cost
Commercial Multiengine Sea (G44A) 4-6 $4500
Pvt/Commercial Single-engine Sea 4-6 $2100
Package rates include checkride
Course Rates Hours Cost
Basic SE (C180) Seaplane Rating $2625* *+ 5% GST
All prices in U.S. dollars. Advanced Career Mentorship Programs, 50 hour and 100 hour, available at attractive rates; please contact us for more information. Full ground school per type required at additional cost.
Hourly Rates Dual Solo
Aviat Husky A-1B Amphibian (SES) $275 N/A
Grumman G44A Super Widgeon (MES) $750 N/A
Lockwood Aircam Amphibian $450 N/A
Piper J3 Cub (tailwheel) $200 N/A
American Champion Decathlon (tailwheel) $275 N/A
Twin Comanche (MEL) $450 N/A
Robinson R44 Raven II $500 N/A
Hourly Rates Dual Solo
Cessna 180 $360 N/A
Piper Nomad (ME/SEA) Floats $650N/A
Beech 18 Floats (ME/SEA) $950N/A
DHC-6 Twin Otter/CAP (ME/SEA) $3000N/A