Brought to you by the Seaplane Pilots Association, “Water Flying” is a weekly podcast featuring news, tips and tricks, discussions on seaplane safety and interviews with manufactures, seaplane CFI’s, industry leaders and passionate seaplane pilots from around the world. Fan, owner or operator, you will find these episodes entertaining and highly informative.

Tune in to this episode of the Water Flying podcast to learn more about your hosts Abbie Kellett, Assistant to the Executive Director and Steve

SPA Field Director Chairmen & EAA Airventure Seaplane Base Chairmen Mark Wrasse joins Steve & Abbie for a discussion on the need and role of

Aquatic Invasive Species represent an ever increasing threat to both seaplane access and more importantly the health of our nations waterways. One of the nations

“Those that haven’t had a close call in the air will, and those who have, will have more.” This sobering statement comes from SPA Field

Levi Guimond from PK Floats joins us for an informative discussion what pilots need to know as they approach the purchase of their first seaplane.

In this episode we announce an exciting new seaplane rating scholarship co-created with Ladies In Flight Training (LIFT) and the Seaplane Pilots Association. This scholarship

Art Bossler from Falcon Insurance joins Steve and Abbie for episode one of a continuing series that explains the factors that affect seaplane insurance rates.

Paul Arnold from Switlik joins Steve and Abbie for an informative discussion on what makes Switlik just the product features and construction differences that separate

Esteemed aviation lawyer and passionate seaplane pilot Ed Page joins Steve and Abbie for a highly informative discussion on NASA reports; a tool that few

Join Abbie and Steve as they sit down with Abby Austin from the Alaska Airmen’s Association to talk about the organization and the upcoming Great Alaska