Brought to you by the Seaplane Pilots Association, “Water Flying” is a weekly podcast featuring news, tips and tricks, discussions on seaplane safety and interviews with manufactures, seaplane CFI’s, industry leaders and passionate seaplane pilots from around the world. Fan, owner or operator, you will find these episodes entertaining and highly informative.

David L. Johnston joins Steve McCaughey in this WaterFlying podcast to discuss his experiences as a dock boy for Avalon Air Transport (Catalina Air Lines),

Having conducted over 19,000 seaplane checkrides; more than anyone else in history – Jon Brown is a true seaplane legend. In this episode of Water

Photos of seaplanes have a magical allure that attracts people to them like a magnet, and this is a well known secret among marketing agencies,

Charlie Hammonds joins Steve to discuss the little known history of the massive floatplane community that used to exist in Louisiana. Over 300 seaplanes worked

Kaylab Verdin from Fire and Medical Training Centre in Houma, Louisiana joins Steve McCaughey to talk about the AUET (Aircraft Underwater Escape Training) for seaplanes

SPA Lifetime Member Dave Wellman returns for a fascinating account of his attempt to fly a straight float Cessna 172 across the United States. In

SPA Lifetime Member Dave Wellman joins us on this episode of Water Flying to explore whether or not it is possible to fly a straight

SPA’s event and volunteer coordinator Carter Clay, joins Steve to discuss the opportunities, and many of the needs the Seaplane Pilots Association has for volunteers

Seaplane Pilots Association Chairman Steve Williams joins Steve McCaughey for a 2022 “Year in Review.” As the last episode of the year we always like

Steve McCaughey is joined by Peter Christie, Slade Rosamond, and Carter Clay to discuss their lessons and experiences learned flying with Steve on a 5,000