What is a Seaplane Pilots Association Lake Liaison?

A Lake Liaison is a seaplane pilot that lives on and/or operates a seaplane on a particular body of water on a very regular basis. These Lake Liaisons report to and work with their state Field Director team leader to help SPA maintain an active presence and situational awareness of a lake or stretch of waterway.

As a Lake Liaison members will become an active member of the SPA advocacy team and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to providing the information needed to help maintain an active and healthy water flying community.

What are there duties and responsibilities?

A Lake Liaison is responsible for the following:

Advising SPA of any community issues that may affect seaplane access such as noise complaints and attempts to restrict or close water access to seaplanes.

Providing current updates regarding operating conditions regarding the waterway that should be noted in the Water Landing Directory, such as, areas to avoid either for safety or noise abatement, water levels, obstructions, docking, beaching, ramping and facility information, fuel availability, events and restrictions.

Lake Liaison’s will be the publicly listed “point of contact” for SPA members to reach out to for information regarding the body of water, and must be responsive to phone and email inquiries from members.