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Seaplane flying in Wisconsin is abundant, breath taking, and surreal. Wisconsin with it’s thousands of lakes and 3 major river systems is a seaplane pilot’s paradise.  Most of Wisconsin’s water is open to seaplanes with lakes in the southern developed portion accessible  with permission from the controlling township.  Waters in northern Wisconsin are very open with only a few exceptions in State of Wisconsin Campgrounds and around the Apostle Island National Park.  Consulting the Water Flying Directory is the best way to insure a flying adventure without a surprise visit from a Sheriff or Department of Natural resources officer.
A great destination is the annual EAA event in August.  Fly in and tie up in the lagoon with 80+ other seaplanes.  Then travel north up to the Eagle River, Minoqua, Land O’ Lakes, Boulder Junction area where seaplanes are flying daily before all the ice melts in April until late October.  The  Cable, Hayward, Spooner region up to Lake Superior is also active with seaplane flying.  Both of these areas have hundreds of lakes, many of them with undeveloped shorelines and sandy beaches.
Wisconsin lakes are pristine and clean and our seaplane pilots are very aware that we must not transport Aquatic Invasive Species and that we must be friends of the environment. When beaching an aircraft we make it a goal to leave the area better  than before we arrived.
Wisconsin is a great seaplane destination.  Come and enjoy tie beauty, explore the hundreds of lakes and beaches, cook out on a beach or pull up to local restaurant or just hang out with the local seaplane pilots.  It’s all here all summer.


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Significant bodies of water
that are open include:

Lake O’ the Dalles

Significant bodies of water
that are Closed include:

Lakes within the Chequamegon National Forest are closed to seaplanes.

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