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Seaplane (boating) requirements in Pennsylvania:

1. Equipment:
– An easily accessible throwable flotation device
– A sound producing device (air horn or whistle)
– Navigation lights (after dark ops)
– A visual distress signal ( flares must be within expiration date on Lake Erie)
– Properly licensed
2. Personal Flotation Devices:
– A PFD MUST be available to each person on board
– A PFD MUST be the applicable size for a child
– A PFD MUST be worn by a child under 12 years old on watercraft shorter than 20 feet.
– Everyone on board a watercraft shorter than 16 feet MUST wear a PFD between November 1 to April 30.
NOTE: Some PFDs MUST be worn to be considered POFDs. Check labeling.
3. Invasive Species:
– You MUST remove ALL aquatic vegetation from aircraft, compartments and equipment.
– Pressure hot wash when applicable.
– An annual PA Fish & Boat Commission Permit is required to use PF&BC and PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources (State Park) facilities on OPEN waterways. This includes Docks and ramps. This permit can be purchased on-line from the PF&BC or DCNR website or at State Park Offices.
NOTE: ALL PF&BC owned lakes are CLOSED. ALL DCNR State Park owned Lakes are also CLOSED. However some PF&BC & DCNR facilities exist on OPEN public navigable waterways. These would require the annual permit to access.


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