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The Seaplane Pilots Association is currently very active meeting with the Ohio Department of Aviation and members of the legislature. Good progress is being seen in opening up inland lakes and waterways. Many hours of work are being devoted to help make Ohio more seaplane friendly.

You can read more about the Seaplane Pilots Association’s findings in regards to the boating safety numbers and how they may apply to the safety statics in regards to seaplanes by downloading the document inn the Downloadable Resource section below. This study compares US government boating statistics in regards to similar safety numbers for seaplanes.


Acquire your Ohio Seaplane Permit

From Andrew Doll ODOT Office of Aviation:

We are in the process of sending out over 67 permits for water landing areas in Ohio. We currently have two open to the public SPB. Ten water landing areas that require a permit, four additional  lakes will be added to the list this summer. We are working with ODNR and USACE to open an additional ten lakes. This is the beginning of a great step forward for Ohio and seaplane operations.  ODOT and ODNR are promoting seaplane operations in Ohio.  If there is anything I can help please give me a call.

If you would like a permit please send the following information.

Required information for an Ohio water landing permit:
1.    Owners name
2.    Address
3.    Contact phone number
4.    Aircraft type
5.    Aircraft N-number
6.    Takeoff and landing performance data (for long lake)

1.    Photo of your aircraft (but not required)

E-mail to Andrew Doll:
If you have any questions please call: 614-387-2384

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Significant bodies of water
that are open include:

Grand Lake St. Mary’s

Significant bodies of water
that are Closed include:

Michael J. Kirwan Reservoir

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Downloadable Resources

  • Seaplane Safety Verses Boating Safety in Ohio

    This document compares boating safety numbers in Ohio verses seaplane safety numbers.

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