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New Hampshire’s largest lakes are located in the central portion of the state and are seaplane friendly. Some worth mentioning are Lake Winnipesaukee, known as “the big lake”, Winnisquam and Ossipee. Numerous other lakes are located throughout the state and are open with varying degrees of restrictions.

Lake Winnipesaukee has a seaplane history that dates back to the 1920’s and 1930’s. At that time there was a commercial operator who flew out of Weirs Beach on the western shore of the lake. They provided scenic rides to the public, airmail service to the lakes region and other areas of New England. In later years, seaplane rides were also offered from Meredith Bay. It offered the seaplane experience to all visitors to the area.


Today, “Epic Seaplane Adventures”, a commercial operator, has continued seaplane operations on the big lake. They operate out of Mirror Lake providing rides and additional services throughout the lakes region and beyond.


The fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit New Hampshire. The combination of the fall foliage, warm days and cool nights provide some of the best seaplane flying of the year. One can also find plenty of accommodations ranging from B&B’s to lake front hotels. Plan your visit today and enjoy all the adventures and opportunities New Hampshire provides.


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Significant bodies of water
that are open include:

Lake Winnipesaukee

Significant bodies of water
that are Closed include:

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Downloadable Resources

  • New Hampshire Restricted Bodies of Water

    New Hampshire Restricted Bodies of Water - this document has a companion document "Restrictions on Boating and Other Activities on Water Supply Lake, Ponds and Reservoirs in New Hampshire" which has also been provided as a downloadable resource on this state info page. This documents were last updated on 8/12/20. Access the New Hampshire state website by at for the most recent list.
  • Restrictions on Boating and Other Activities on Water Supply Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs in New Hampshire

    This is a second document to be used as a reference to seaplane restrictions on waterways within New Hampshire. Last Updated 8/12/20

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