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The state of Missouri is rather seaplane friendly. Most large lakes are open to seaplanes but contain some restrictions because they are Corps of Engineers lakes. Lake of the Ozarks is the only lake with no restrictions. Lake of the Ozarks is a fine lake for seaplane flying, however extreme caution should be exercised between Memorial Day and on Labor Day weekends due to extreme boat traffic and inexperienced boat operators. The Mississippi River should be avoided due to the large amount of submerged objects located just below the surface in very muddy water. The Missouri River’s level changes frequently causing floating debris, this is also true for the lakes in Missouri as well.


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Significant bodies of water
that are open include:

Lake of the Ozarks

Significant bodies of water
that are Closed include:

Although the Mississippi River is open, it is not recommended to land there due to heavy debris and swift currents.

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