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When someone thinks about seaplanes flying, Minnesota generally comes to mind. Because of its abundance of lakes, it is the perfect place for a person to learn to fly seaplanes. The Twin Cities and Brainerd Lakes area offer seaplane training from May through October.

If you already have your seaplane rating, Minnesota is the perfect state to explore by seaplane. There are multiple fly-in destinations available for a lakeside lunch or dinner with easy lakeshore parking or docking available. The Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association website lists the fly-in destinations.

Fishing is a great Minnesota pastime. A seaplane gives you access to any number of lakes. The MN DNR stocks lakes with public access or portages with walleye, trout, muskies, and other varieties of fish. The MN DNR uses seaplanes to stock the more remote and wilderness lakes.

Can you imagine flying to your lake of choice, shutting down the engine, sitting on your float and casting your line? Life doesn’t get any better. So pack your shorts and water shoes and go to Minnesota to experience the joy of seaplane flying.

Minnesota has one of the largest regional seaplane organizations in the country, they are represented both on the SPA board and within our Field Director network. You can visit their website at



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Significant bodies of water
that are open include:

Gull Lake

Significant bodies of water
that are Closed include:

West Conservation Pool

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