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For seaplaners, Idaho is like “Alaska without the bugs,” with the state welcoming pilots to the Northwest. North Idaho features the awe-inspiring 1150 foot deep Lake Pend Oreille, the mountainous Priest Lakes and the home of the famous Floating Green golf course, Lake Coeur D Alene.

More than fifty lakes and numerous mountain streams make this a fun region to view wildlife and to splash-in for camping, hiking, or fishing. Sandy beaches and docks are perfect to tie up for dining, lodging, and even golfing.

Most all of Idaho waters are open to seaplanes, but it is always a good idea to check the controlling agency before splashing onto a lake or a river to ensure there are no restrictions.

Idaho Division of Aeronautics; phone: (208) 334-8775.
Idaho State Parks; phone: (208) 334-4199.
U.S. Forest Service website:
Caribou Targhee National Forest District Ranger: (208) 557-5900.
Bureau of Reclamation (Palisades Reservoir): (208) 678-0461.

Some favorite waterways of Idaho Seaplaners:

  • Priest Lake system: Lower Priest has great boating, dining, fishing and golf and Upper Priest is true wilderness area.
  • Lake Pend Oreille: gorgeous, huge and deep lake with private beaches and access to the town of Sandpoint.
  • Lake Coeur d’ Alene: home of the Floating Green golf course where you can beach for golf or just lunch. The lake flows into the Chain Lakes system, home to good fishing and some camping sites.


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