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Despite being surrounded by seaplane friendly states, Georgia has not welcomed seaplane to the extent that we believe it should. The Seaplane Pilots Association and our Field Director Troy Wheeler have been working with Army Corp of Engineers for several years to open Lake Sidney Lanier.

We feel that Georgia possesses a significant number of lakes that could and should be open to seaplane activities. Allatoona, Blue Ridge, Black Shear, Carters, J Strom Thurmond, Nottely, the Savannah River, Water F George and West Point Lake are all open with restrictions as far as we can determine.

Please check with Troy Wheeler and the Water Landing Directory App for most current information we have on file.


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Significant bodies of water
that are open include:

Allatoona Lake with Restrictions Blue Ridge Lake Black Shear Lake Carters Lake with Restrictions J Strom Thurmond Lake with Restrictions Nottely Lake Savannah River, New Savannah Bluff Pool with Restrictions Water F. George Lake with Restrictions West Point Lake with Restrictions

Significant bodies of water
that are Closed include:

Burton Lake George W. Andrews Lake Lake Harding Lake Jackson Lake Oconee Lake Oliver Lake Rabun Lake Seed Lake Sidney Lanier <<< On Going Advocacy Effort Lake Sinclair Lake Worth Richard B. Russel Lake Tallulah Falls Yonah Lake

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