Adventure Air Inc.

We specialize in Lake Amphibian training, providing initial, recurrent, and advanced training. Our emphasis is on a thorough learning experience designed and structured for those pilots owning or looking to own their own amphibian. We also conduct local sight-seeing flights and charters and assist in ferrying your airplane.

Jones Brothers Seaplanes

Learn on more than 1000 lakes surrounding America’s Seaplane City in Lake County, Florida: lakes of all sizes including confined areas; river flying, beginner and advanced seaplane maneuvers including rough water, glassy water, docking, ramping, and emergency procedures. Solo program coming soon!!

ICON Aircraft

The ICON Flight Center (IFC) in Tampa, FL is located at Peter O. Knight Airport (KTPF) on Davis Island. IFC Tampa is open year-round and provides initial transition training, proficiency/re-currency training, and A5 Instructor Pilot training to ICON A5 owners, position holders, and training partners. In addition, IFC Tampa has a full-service maintenance facility, including […]

Flying Fish LLC

Solo a seaplane with our rental program and explore all that Central Florida has to offer. With the addition of our second location, conveniently located between Orlando and Tampa in the heart of Florida lake country, you can fly with us year round. Chase gators and perfect your seaplane skills. Get your SES rating, tailwheel […]


Training, sales, and service of top three LSA seaplanes, all in the beautiful beach town of Destin, with two full-time CFIs having more than 3,000 hours in LSA seaplanes.

Florida Seaplanes

Offering single engine land and sea, PVT, COM, and ATP. Flight training for a safer tomorrow. Utilizing high-performance/complex seaplanes and offering a wide variety of takeoff and landing situations, including large and small lakes and rivers. Buddy training available. Central Florida/Orlando/Daytona Beach area. Florida Seaplanes tailors its courses to match your experience and background. Your […]

Cypress Seaplane Adventures

We offer specialized SES training that prepares you to fly in all types of environments. All of our instructors are high-time professional seaplane pilots with extensive experience. We are located in Central Florida, which offers a wide variety of lakes and rivers to train in and many great restaurants to visit.

Brown’s Seaplane Base, Inc.

Introductory flights, dual instruction, Flight Reviews, Sport, Private, and commercial seaplane ratings in J-3 Cubs to high performance, complex float planes. We’ve got something for everyone! Specializing in training and certifying new seaplane pilots since 1963, we’ve got it down to a science. Dedicated, professional instructors are ready to put the fun back into flying […]

Adventure Seaplanes LLC

Our Instructors are high time and experienced with thousands of hours in many types of aircraft. You will learn canals, rivers, lakes, beaching, docking, ramping, securing aircraft, refueling, etc., with many restaurants to fly to for a very fun and advanced training program, along with happy hour at the end of the day at the […]