Aquitaine Hydravions


We own three Piper PA18 and 1 RC3 Seabee. Flight and ground instruction are free. We provide a comprehensible Seaplane rating package that includes 8 hours of dual flight time and 1 hour final flight test. We offer the rare opportunity of solo flights with passengers , flight insurance included in the member fees. If you are seaplane rated, you may fly alone with passengers after a check ride with an English-speaking flight examiner. We are based in the southwest of France nearby Bordeaux city, which offers a variety of tourism interests. No updates available for 2020.

Course Rates Hours Cost
Commercial Multiengine Sea (G44A) 4-6 $4500
Pvt/Commercial Single-engine Sea 4-6 $2100
Package rates include checkride
Course Rates Hours Cost
Partial member fee160$
PA-18 160 hp $235 $235
RC3 Seabee $320 $320
Hourly Rates Dual Solo
Aviat Husky A-1B Amphibian (SES) $275 N/A
Grumman G44A Super Widgeon (MES) $750 N/A
Lockwood Aircam Amphibian $450 N/A
Piper J3 Cub (tailwheel) $200 N/A
American Champion Decathlon (tailwheel) $275 N/A
Twin Comanche (MEL) $450 N/A
Robinson R44 Raven II $500 N/A
Hourly Rates Dual Solo
Complete member fee $270
PA-18 160 hp $208 $208
RC3 Seabee $272 $272