Adventure Seaplanes LLC

November-April Cherry Pocket Restaurant - Fish Camp 3100 Canal Rd., Lake Wales, FL 33898

Our Instructors are high time and experienced with thousands of hours in many types of aircraft. You will learn canals, rivers, lakes, beaching, docking, ramping, securing aircraft, refueling, etc., with many restaurants to fly to for a very fun and advanced training program, along with happy hour at the end of the day at the Cherry Pocket. Florida Keys and Bahama tours are available. Bring someone else along to enjoy your advanced training vacation. Minnesota – Canada fishing and Alaska group tours are available in the summer months. We are the only place in Florida to learn to drive an airboat when you fly our seaplanes. Plus, we have RV sites and cabin rentals available on site for a warm winter vacation.

Course Rates Hours Cost
Commercial Multiengine Sea (G44A) 4-6 $4500
Pvt/Commercial Single-engine Sea 4-6 $2100
Package rates include checkride
Course Rates Hours Cost
C172 Recurrency and BFR N/A $895
C172 Basic and BFR N/A$1795
C185 Amphib Florida coast and Keys tour 6 $2700
C185 Amphib Complex and BFR 8 $3650
Citabria Tailwheel and BFR Basic 5 $1150
Cash discounts available on all aircraft.
Hourly Rates Dual Solo
Aviat Husky A-1B Amphibian (SES) $275 N/A
Grumman G44A Super Widgeon (MES) $750 N/A
Lockwood Aircam Amphibian $450 N/A
Piper J3 Cub (tailwheel) $200 N/A
American Champion Decathlon (tailwheel) $275 N/A
Twin Comanche (MEL) $450 N/A
Robinson R44 Raven II $500 N/A
Hourly Rates Dual Solo
Cessna 172, Bauman 2550 $290 N/A
CFI time build$200N/A