MI: Grand Marais Bay Splash-In

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FRIDAY 1:00 pm Registration Begins ~ Motorhome on the bank ~ $15.00 Pilots use frequency 122.75

6:00 pm Fish Boil Dinner for pilots and their families.


10:00am Informal Fly-Around

1:30 pm Pilot meeting, at pavilion on the bank

2:00 pm Water Balloon Bomb, Spot Landing, & Short Takeoff Contests begin

5:00 – 7:00pm Dinner

SUNDAY – planes depart


LOCATION: The Bay is 35 statute miles from the Newberry (Luce County, ERY) airport VOR on the 325 degree radial on the Green Bay Sectional. COMMUNICATIONS: Pilots use 122.75 Unicom – All Traffic – landing to the west, use right traffic pattern, landing to the east, use left traffic pattern.

Date and Time

06/16/2023 – 06/18/2023


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