FL: FD44 Eagles Nest Splash-In

February 24, 2024

11am – 2pm

FD44 – Eagles Nest Airpark


Both land planes and seaplanes are welcome!  Invite your  pilot friends, but they must RSVP to be invited.  RSVP email:

Food will be provided to those that RSVP***

*** (depending on how many people attend).  1st RSVP’s have priority.***

Donation bucket will be easy to find if you want to help pay for expences.

Warning: The grass runway north end has a powerline.  If landing to the south, it can be hard to see.  Eagles nest is making a displaced threshold for the event.

Air Frequency at FD44 is 123.15 which will be monitored by airboss (Doug)

Use Ground Frequencty 123.45.  Gound crew will help guide to parking spot.  Don’t talk a lot on these frequencies, keep it simple stupid!


Bomb drop contest: Volunteers needed to judge and figure out prize.  (anyone have some grapefruit or oranges that they could use for this??) 


Flying:  Suggest (within 20 miles or more) to listen on the frequency 123.15.  Announce where you are at 10 miles out and then again at 5 miles.  If the frequency is congested, stay away and delay until it frees up.  There isn’t a need for everyone to arrive at exactly the same time.  


Parking: Seaplanes land on water and either park on beach on NW, N, or NE shore, or if you want to ramp, use wheels to go up the ramp and park.  Follow directions from ground people on were to park.  (see pictures of parking in past years) Overflow is on east side of Runway about midfield in lot.  We may need some amphibs to park on the beach, so bring tiedown stuff like anchor.

Driving in:  Address is 

Please RSVP to at

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