MN: FAAST Float Plane Ground School

We will cover the background information you need to understand in order to be a safe, successful float plane pilot.
Date and Time:
Friday, May 20, 2022, starting at 09:00 Central Daylight Time
Mark Cook, Jason Jenson, Charles Scott, FAAST Team Representatives

This school will be ground training for pilots who wish to transition to flying floats.  Topics covered will include types and parts of floats, taxi procedures, amphibious operations, float plane safety, taxi procedures, docking and beaching, float plane performance, seaplane and maritime rules, Minnesota float plane rules, takeoff and landing techniques, risk management, and flight planning for float flying.  This seminar will be a great start for any pilot who wishes to obtain a sea plane rating.  Many of the topics covered be what an examiner is likely to ask about on a seaplane checkride.  In addition, the topics presented will be a great review for current floatplane pilots.

We will have individuals available to help pilots register with FAASafety, so you may participate in the WINGS program.  Come see how participating in the WINGS program can make it easier for you to remain flight current without worrying about the pressure of a flight review.

Location of Seminar:
Buffalo Municipal Airport
212 Central Ave.
Buffalo, MN 55313
Directions to Venue:
The ground school will be conducted at the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering to be held at the Buffalo Municipal Airport.  The exact hangar location will be contained in the official announcement for the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering.
Contact Information:
Mark Cook
Phone: (218) 368-1943

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