What is a Seaplane Pilots Association Field Director?

Seaplane Pilots Association’s Field Directors are the heavy lifting arm of our volunteer advocacy team; their duties are widely varied depending on their region and individual skill sets. Essentially, SPA desires to maintain a team of Field Directors in every state in the United States and in regions around the world. These teams work together to insure that SPA maintains a strong presence in the community and at aviation events in their region, helps address advocacy issues and assists in maintaining the Water Landing Directory.

Field Directors are essentially the eyes and ears that help SPA maintain situational awareness in a given geographic region. Additionally, they are the first responders to advocacy issues and conduct the majority of the public outreach and community relationships in their respective region.

Activities of SPA Field Directors

Maintain a communication channel for the controlling agencies of waterways, seaplane pilots, the general public and media

Helping maintain the data needed to keep the Water Landing Directory as current as possible and to facilitate the continual growth of the waterway listings.

Conduct workshops and safety seminars in their region

Create an SPA presence at aviation and other public events in their region.

Working with other Field Directors and Lake Liaisons to achieve the advocacy goals and outreach objectives of SPA

Examples of Field Director Outreach

Public speaking to groups of aviation and non aviation oriented groups such as: