A Community Experience

One of the greatest attributes of the seaplane community is exactly that - it is a community experience.

Get Involved

 A great philosophy in life and the secret to enjoying and growing your experiences and adventures in and knowledge of seaplanes is to participate. The Seaplane Pilots Association provides members with a variety of ways to get involved with the water flying community.


 There is no more effective way to develop meaningful friendships, learn and expand your horizons in the seaplane community than to volunteer. Volunteering gives your passion purpose, and working with other passionate seaplane pilots builds relationships and opens opportunities for you to learn from the experiences of others. 

Volunteering for SPA can be done in many ways and at many levels of commitment. Click here for a more detailed discussion on volunteering for SPA.

Visit our interactive map tool to learn more about individual states and regions.

Major Events


The Seaplane Pilots Association participates in and hosts a variety of national and international aviation events and adventurous trips. Our annual schedule generally includes events in the Pacific Northwest, Florida, Alaska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, California, Colorado, New York, Indiana and many more. International events have included Italy and Australia and we are looking for opportunities in Canada, among other countries. Click here to see a more detailed list of our major events.


Participating in local seaplane events provides opportunity and ease of access for people to engage in the seaplane community and with the Seaplane Pilots Association. For this reason we are dedicating more effort to expanding the frequency and number of local seaplane events.

Education & Safety

A large portion of our community experience comes in the form of seaplane safety seminars and educational workshops. Workshops are an avenue to learn and also to become more engaged in and interact with other passionate seaplane pilots. The Seaplane Pilots Association is focused on continually providing more opportunities for seaplane pilots to attend workshops and safety seminars. Learn more about our educational workshops and safety seminars by clicking here. 


SPA hosts a forum space that allows members who enjoy the forum format to engage with other like-minded seaplane pilots. Online events including Facebook Live, YouTube Live and interactive seminars and meetings are proving to be a great new interactive medium for our community.