Green to Go

Green to Go


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Buck Reilly went to hell and back in John Cunningham’s Red Right Return. In Green to Go, it’s a one-way trip. Good news turns bad fast, and the bad just keeps coming in this thrilling new Buck Reilly adventure.

The unexpected contents of Buck’s parents’ Swiss bank account offer Buck a chance to dig himself out of the hole he’s been in since the recession hit, but first he must recover the treasure maps and clues he lost at sea. Those plans get put on hold when a friend is accused of orchestrating the biggest theft in Key West’s sordid history, and the FBI uses Buck’s past against him to demand that he search for the theives who fled aboard a hundred year old schooner. No good deed goes unpunished, and Buck is dogged by greed and double crosses from Key West to the Bahamas and point south. His hunt for the missing treasure pits him against a crazed mercenary, Peruvivan rebels, rogue Cuban Secret Police, and a beautiful woman torn between turning Buck over to the authorities or succumbing to his charm.

268 Pages